Group Coaching Program


What’s next?    Who am I, really?
What do I really want moving forward?
What is stopping me?   How do I get there?


Join us for 6 transformational weeks where you will be surrounded by a small group of like-minded women who are asking themselves these same questions.

Starting the week of October 17th, 2022 you CAN discover the answers!


• 6 weekly 90 minute group coaching sessions led by your guide Kavita Ahuja – Certified Women’s Midlife Transitions Coach*

• Access to the full Guided Online Course content to work on between the live sessions

• A safe, confidential environment where you will learn from one another

• Designated accountability partners to ensure ongoing success

• Downloadable tools, templates and resources available for life


$1,250 USD (payment options available)

If you are facing transitions in your life right now (career, relationships, health) and are serious about living the next stage of life to its fullest, this program is meant for you. With expert guidance from Kavita, and heartfelt interactions with other participants, you will uncover what IS possible.


It’s My Time Now!

It’s NOT being selfish. It’s bringing out your truest self, so you can shine the light that has always been inside of you.


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*Kavita is a Certified Women’s Midlife Transitions Coach, Founder of Power Purpose Play, Host of The Midlife Reinvention Podcast, Writer, and Course Creator

“My vision is to give you a glimpse of yourself beyond anything you can imagine. I want you to experience more happiness, more hope for your future, more excitement for your next journey, more confidence in yourself, and a greater understanding of your true purpose and power in this next chapter of your life”

– Kavita Ahuja

Kavita had the honour of leading some extraordinary women through It’s My Time Now, and this is what they had to say about their experience:

“It’s My Time Now came at the perfect time for me and is a course I would highly recommend for women looking to redefine themselves and follow their dreams. This program is rich with resources, tools, and exercises and took me on a step-by-step process of getting to know myself better and supported me in creating a clear vision and plan for the next chapter in my life. I appreciate having ongoing access to the recordings and workbook so that I can continue to bring this process to all aspects of my life. Kavita is inspiring, and also, as a coach, she skillfully helped me drill down with clarity and precision where my true drive and passion lies and encouraged me to launch my new business!”

– Nina M.

“We all have our own struggles and I realize I do have a lot to offer, and that’s what’s come up for me. Doing this course was my “me time” and it forced me to answer some of those really tough questions. Kavita – the way you led the whole thing – it was a space where like-minded people could share, and we were authentic. You made it comfortable! I was able to be me, and be my true self”

– Tina G.

“For me, I got clarity. It helped clear the weeds. I love the structure and the framework. It was almost like having someone take you by the hand and lead you through the steps, and knowing that person was there just gave you confidence that you could keep going. At no point during this process did I want to turn back. It always called me back to the process. I’m very grateful for it – it’s been very helpful for me. It was amazing what you were able to do”

-Gigi B.

“Wow, I’ve learned so much, what a journey. Over these last 8 weeks, with Kavita Ahuja guidance, I’ve re-evaluated my life, my values, my strengths/ weaknesses, and discovered what drives me to live a full and happy life. Now, in my 50’s, my eyes are open wide and I can’t wait to see what I will accomplish during the 2nd half of my life .
This course helped me rediscover my true passion and it helped light the flame inside my soul.”

-Maria D.

“This brought me some structure. I feel like I’m carving a new path with your help and with the help of these beautiful ladies. It was very clear for me”.

– Carla M.

“It’s MY TIME NOW course encouraged me to explore my inner most thoughts. I was at a point in my life where I needed to figure out what I wanted in the next phase of my life.
This course is amazing. Each module is built on the previous in order to uncover my thoughts I had buried over the years. What I loved was I could go back and revisit a module if I needed to. Our facilitator
Kavita was compassionate, patient in guiding us through our journey. Towards the end of the program I felt empowered and confident in myself.”

– Tina G.